Actions for FIPAD Contacts

The information below is included in the FIPAD Information Pack, which also contains useful information about the different types of artefacts that the fishermen may encounter. You can download the pack from our website, or email us for a waterproof copy.

You can also contact us for Awareness Posters to promote the Protocol in your area.

On recieving a report

STEP 1: Confirmation

  • Confirm details of the Site/Artefact with the Finder;
  • Fill in additional information on the reporting form;
  • Ensure correct Finder details.

STEP 2: Advise

  • Advise the Finder on safe storage of Artefacts.  If in doubt, consult the HEFLO or the Protocol Team.

STEP 3: Submit Form

Have Artefacts been recovered?

Please ensure Artefacts have been:

  • photographed
  • properly labelled
  • placed in water
  • stored in a safe place