Actions for Finders

The information below is included in the Finder’s Pack, which you can download from the website or email us for a waterproof copy for the boat.

For more information about the different type of finds you could encounter, download the Information Pack or email us for a waterproof copy.

On discovering a Site or Artefact

STEP 1: Location

  • Onboard record/estimate the position of the boat/Site/Artefact;
  • If the find is too big to bring ashore and is left at sea record the location at which it has been dropped;
  • Put Artefact in a safe place.

STEP 2: Information

  • Fill in a reporting form; on paper; online; or with the HEFLO;
  • Photograph Artefact;
  • Bag and label Artefact;
  • Put Artefacts in a safe place.

STEP 3: Report it

Pass on the report either;

If you discover an Artefact

  • Take photographs of each of each Artefact.

  • Record details of each Artefact on a separate reporting form.

  • Protect your Artefact. Immerse it in a water filled container and store it in a dark cool place.

  • Bag each Artefact separately.
  • Label Artefacts/containers with PLN and date.
  • If there is more than one Artefact, assign a different number to each item.