Potential Sites on the Seabed

Potential sites on the seabed are often first noted by fishermen. Pots and nets can become snagged on archaeology on the seabed – termed ‘net snags’. Information about such snags is often passed on verbally from vessel to vessel. This potentially means that there is a wealth of archaeological material on the seabed which is well evidenced by fishing vessels but which is not recorded elsewhere. Schemes such as the FIPAD provide a recognised framework through which finds on the seabed can be reported and recorded.

During the operation of the FIPAD Pilot Graham Doswell reported a potential site lying off Eastbourne which is believed to hold propellers. Little else is currently known about this site.

Information reported through the FIPAD is uploaded onto national databases which act as a point of reference for all archaeological projects, planning consents and offshore developments with regards to heritage. In this instance, this potential site will be reported to the National Record of the Historic Environment maintained by English Heritage (previously the National Monuments Record) and the Historic Environment Record for East Sussex. This discovery will also be reported to the Local Government Archaeology Officer and to the local Finds Liaison Officer.

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