Lap Compass

Sussex Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority staff reported these artefacts.  It is unknown where they were originally found but they are on display in the mess room of Chichester Harbour Conservancy.

IFCA_30012 Warning panel IFCA_30012 Lap compass

The finds are thought to have come from an aircraft and potentially date to the Second World War. The find shown on the left above is a warning panel bearing the message: ‘WARNING DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE BATTERYCIRCUIT WHEN THE ENGINE IS RUNNING’. The find on the right is the dial and case of a lap compass and bears the inscription ‘Navigation Computer Mark IIIC’. It was made by Henry Hugh & Son, a London based firm who developed the first compasses for use in aeroplanes during WWI. It is likely that both of these finds came from an aircraft. During the Second World War many thousands of aircraft flew over the south coast to attack or defend cities, industry and military targets in Britain.

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