Clay Pipe

Clay tobacco pipes like this one were in use from approximately 1600 onwards. They show a distinct typology in the construction of their bowls, which can allow relatively accurate dating.


Images of this find were shown to Lorraine Mepham, finds specialist at Wessex Archaeology. This pipe is decorated with fluted patterns and has a spurred bowl. This example, Lorraine tells us, is likely to have been made in a mould. A faint seam, visible around the bowl of the pipe and extending down over the spur, suggests that this was manufactured in the 19th century. By this time, this type of pipe was being mass produced and manufacturing processes no longer allowed for the quality of finish seen on earlier examples, which would have seen the seam smoothed off.

This find is retained in personal possession and is described as having been found off 4 miles off Eastbourne by a vessel using pots or creels. It was reported through FIPAD by the finders.

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