This find was discovered by the Royal Exile whilst fishing with pots on 15th December 1982. It is retained in private possession with the present Shoreham FIPAD contact. This exceptional find aptly demonstrates the value of material that can be reported through the FIPAD. Finds like these, without the safety-net and framework that a protocol provides, may go unrecorded.

 SHOREHIM_30004 carronade

This is an 18th century carronade which was known by sailors as a “Smasher”, presumably a reference to its destructive capabilities at short-range. The carronade was designed for close quarter engagements. Mounted on the side of a vessel it had the potential to fire a range of ammunition including cannonballs, barshot, double-headed chain shot, grape shot and canister shot. The short length of the breech of the gun compromised the range, but for close combat it was a practical and effective weapon.

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